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Baby's First Tooth

Baby's First Tooth

Question: When do my baby’s teeth start developing?

Your baby’s first teeth will begin to develop about three months into your pregnancy. The healthier your diet is, the greater the likelihood that your baby’s teeth and gums will also be healthy. This is why you should try to eat more foods that rich in calcium – they are good for both you and your baby’s developing teeth and bones.

Baby's tooth development

Question: How should I care for my infant’s teeth and gums?

Answer:Even before your baby’s teeth appear, it’s a good idea to start caring for them. After feeding your baby, use a damp washcloth or a piece of gauze to wipe the gums – this remove any plaque that might form.
If a baby is put to bed with a bottle containing milk (even breast milk), formula or juice, the sugar in the liquid can cause bacteria in your baby’s mouth and interact to form acid that can attack the enamel in your baby’s teeth, causing early tooth decay. If your baby needs a bedtime bottle, fill it with water instead.

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